Tips for Your Team’s Engineering Portfolio

Jan 21, 2021 | Robotics

This year, submission of an abbreviated version of the engineering notebook, the engineering portfolio, is a required submission for judge interviews. Teams may wonder how to fit all the information they want to share into 15 pages or less (plus the cover page.) Here are a few pointers for creating a concise engineering portfolio. 

Introduce the team: Use one page to introduce your teammates and their roles using a collage of photos or a team photo. 

Plan of attack: Show how your team has planned and organized your robot build, your FIRST Tech Challenge season, your robotics season in some way. What’s your business plan? How do you plan to continue the team season to season?   

Introduce your robot: Explain the parts and mechanisms that make your robot stand out on the field that you’re most proud of. 

Show your design process: What challenges did you face and overcome throughout the process of designing and building your robot? 

Show you game strategy:  The judges know the game, but they don’t know your team’s strategy.  There are so many ways to compete and win this year’s game.  What did your team decide to achieve in autonomous, driver-controlled, and end game to achieve the most points? Why did you decide on that strategy? 

Connecting with communities: This year is allowing for different ways to connect through outreach to your community, tech professionals, and other FIRST teams.  What did you do to reach out to these communities to learn, grow and enlighten? 

And don’t forget your team number on the first page!!!  

For the full list of requirements, formatting, and recommendations check out Game Manual, Part One.  If you have questions or need answers visit the FIRST Tech Challenge forum. Posted 17th December 2020 by FIRST Tech Challenge


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