The Thomas County Central High School Debate Team exists to promote critical thinking, communication skills, and teamwork.  

The skills are introduced and reinforced through self-paced online instruction and encouraged through coaching. The basic skills are significantly enhanced and developed to maturity by providing students with opportunities for co-curricular competition in debate events. The mission of the program includes finding tournament opportunities that will challenge students as well as provide a reasonable opportunity for success.

How We Support Our Mission

To support the maturity of our Debate students, our TCCHS team competes in the tournaments sponsored by the Georgia Forensic Coaches Association (GFCA), the National Speech and Debate Association (NSDA), and the National Catholic Forensic League (NCFL), as well as invitational tournaments which may be held at colleges and high schools out-of-state.

Active students who participate in the program, practice, and work hard to improve their skills will have opportunities to travel during the year. Travel opportunities provide benefits such as the opportunity to explore college campuses, experience what it is like to be away from home in a safe and structured environment, and provides a shared team experience.

Membership in the National Speech and Debate Association is another way that students are encouraged to excel in our Debate program.  Students meet the requirements for membership through competition and are recognized for excellence in high school debate through earning points and performing well at events. Those students who consistently make the effort to attend as many competitions and practices as possible, quickly excel in their chosen event. Those who do excel have an excellent opportunity to represent themselves, Thomas County Central High School, Thomasville, and the State of Georgia at the NCFL and/or NSDA National Tournament.

The NSDA and the benefits of Debate are well-known by a majority of colleges and universities and aid in admission and scholarship opportunities.