Mock Trial Competition

Around the country and in the state of Georgia, mock trial competition is a popular form of education for students. A mock trial deals with real facts and everyday legal situations. Students learn hands-on about the drama of the legal system and how the judges, lawyers, witnesses, and jurors involved impact the rights of individuals and due process.

Mock Trial Competition is a challenging activity that is designed to provide students with the ability to analyze, evaluate and resolve legal disputes. Part of the fun of a mock trial is preparing for and participating in a lawsuit. The formal presentation of evidence before a judge adds excitement and provides active feedback on how well students are grasping law, strategy and presentation skills. Students involved in the mock trial can participate in civil cases and criminal cases to engage in various aspects of the legal system.

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Benefits of Mock Trial

Through case studies, role plays, mock trials, moot court simulations and research, students gain a practical understanding of law and the legal system and how it relates to their everyday lives. Students who engage in a program of mock trial improve proficiency in reading, writing, and speaking. Students who are willing to devote the considerable time and energy needed for mock trial competition engage in research, study, and analysis. These students acquire the analytic skills and content comprehension necessary to examine legal disputes and develop informed interpretations and resolutions substantiated by evidence. Mock Trial analyzes the foundations and functions of the American legal system and reviews types of laws, the individual’s relationship to the law and significant court decisions.

The primary legal skills and knowledge learned in class are significantly enhanced and developed to maturity by providing students with opportunities for extra-curricular competition in mock trial, debate, oratorical, and interpretation events.

Here are a few of the things that students learn and practice in mock trial competition:

  • Civil Law Procedures
  • Criminal Law Procedures
  • Constitutional Rights
  • Rules of Evidence
  • Direct & Cross Examination
  • Opening Statements
  • Closing Arguments
  • Types of Laws
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution